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AUGUST 23-29, 2020

The Hebrew Israelite Diaspora Conference




Under the motto “Out Of Many Scattered – We Are One”


convened by

Zion House of Israel Temple

 K.O.Y. – Barbados – Caribbean

In Association with

Hebrew Families of Guyana;

Congregation Beit Da'ath, Chokmah, Binah (D.C.B.)


Beth Shalom Hebrew Congregation





  “O Yah, hear; O Yah, forgive; O Yah, hearken and do; defer not, for thine own sake,

O my Power: for thy city and thy people are called by thy name.” Daniel 9:19

“Then he answered and spoke unto me, saying, This is the word of Yahawah unto Zerubbabel/Scattered in Babylon, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith Yahawah Tsavaoth/the Lord of hosts*.” Zechariah 4:6


“On that day five cities in the land of Egypt (The captivity) will speak the language of Canaan (English – a language borrowed from the Aleph Bet – Psalms 119) and swear loyalty to Yahawah Tsavaoth/the Lord of Hosts*. One of the cities will be called the City of destruction*/City of the Sun (Corrected Hebrew form).” Isaiah 19:18


The Hebrew Israelite Diaspora Conference was born out of the vision of Cohane Obadiah Ben

Israel formerly known as Rabbi Carl Austin (R.I.P. – Jan 2013) after returning from New World

Passover 2010 at Dimona, Israel. He noted that 19th August of 2019 ended slavery by Biblical

Standards and the dreams and visions that many were having in the Temple pointed to a unifying

moment. The conference was meant to be a landed event on the island of Barbados but the 

worldwide shutdown from the Coronavirus pandemic removed that option. Thus the Barbados

community sat to review an option for a virtual method, due to cancelled flights and the downturn

in the world economies, which has had a crippling effect on many families and business owners.

We realized that we could include the world virtually inclusive of our African brothers and sisters

who could come and sit with us for seven (7) days and agree to UNITE as a PEOPLE under



We have been our own barrier to advancement and have used our physical distance as an

excuse not to act upon the issues plaguing our people.  A virtual summit is not confined by

geographical location, so right now, more than ever, we must leverage this opportunity to unite.


We must remember, that after 2020 years of being removed from our land, and more than 400 years in harsh captivity; we are emerging from ‘four cities’ of thought/ideologies to restore this ‘fifth city’ to ensure balance to the planet.


What is the purpose of the conference?  

The conference intends to provide a global platform for the Israelite diaspora to come together in community, to collaborate for the development and betterment of the "nation" as a whole and create an ongoing medium for communication, networking and support that will lead to the social, spiritual and economic empowerment for the international Israelite community.


Acknowledging the need for the community to come together is the first step as community creates more community.


Many times we propose great ideas, which are seldom action-driven or lack the resources to proceed, as this calls for a deliberate move towards planning, strategy and action. We must look at the state of affairs addressing the what, who, why, how, when and where, in order to understand how we must govern ourselves, build ourselves, equip ourselves and move forward together in a Yah consciousness for the betterment of all.


What does coming together in this manner do? 


Coming together and sharing information from a business perspective allows us to access economies of scale, by pooling our efforts and increasing buying power (group economics). This is in contrast to sole proprietorship, the status of most black businesses, which results in being forced to buy at higher costs, resulting in the inability to offer competitive prices. Therefore, our coming together gives us the opportunity for sustained economic growth.


Create the Strategy (change of mind-set) then the Tactics/Processes and then create Operations/Actions (executing the changed mind-set).


Often times, we are static or fail because we do not have the right tools or right information to set up the infrastructure and foundation of our families and businesses.  The strategy what we will be developing out of this conference is a global network directory which would identify the support systems. This would be accessible via the website which can be used by all communities as a resource and a point of reference.  The hope is that the information provided would assist anyone or any business with their search for sources of support, in whatever facet of life they have a need, and would act as a catalyst to a more collaborative efforts in helping our community to grow. 


In this time of great darkness on the planet, when the madness of evil men have arisen to remove the fabric of humanity from this planet, we seek to offer the Light of Truth. (1).png
NWPO - State of the World Forum -Ammi -
Dimona - Israel on the mount Shabbat Day

Dimona - Israel

on the mount Shabbat Day 2010

Moreh MicahYah ben Yehuda's NWPO - State of the World Forum Speech in Dimona, Israel-May 2010

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