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Zion House of Israel Temple, Kingdom of Yah, Barbados, is celebrating its Jubilee this year, by hosting the Hebrew Israelite Diaspora Conference 23 - 29th August, 2020.


The Temple was founded in 1970 under the auspices of the then Prime Minister and Father of Independence, Sir Errol Walton Barrow.


Emah (the Hebrew word for "Mother") Mabel Beckles, a Barbadian-Jew living in New York thought that it was time for truth to be established on the island whose population is 85% Igbo. She then made the commitment of land and a building on the spot where her late parents’ home stood for a dedication to the worship of the Most High Yahowah and to teach the people their true heritage.

The Temple has had a rich history of Torah teachings, holistic living and organic farming and food production, first, under the past three Rabbis and currently under the leadership of yours truly, Moreh MicahYah Ben Yehuda. It is now in its

Jubilee year and right on time for the Torah event of Restoration. (1).png

Rabbi Curtis Hinds (of blessed memory)

& Rabbi Sholomo ben Levy-August 1999


This Conference was envisioned over seven years ago. However, successive leaders of the Temple kept running into snags within the island, which hindered the progress and the fruition of this mission. These issues we identified as spiritual blocks, meant to prevent the truth about the historical and present day ramifications of the enslavement of Igbo people on this island, from coming to the forefront. Despite the obstacles, we are determined to make this conference happen. In this season, all the factors are now in place to bring an end to a captivity of so great a people.

Zion House just completed the Green Knowledge Fair and has made impact with our

brands of Fruit and vegetable juices as well as our Sorghum products. We hope to see

you in the near future when we start production for direct sales in supermarkets.




Rabbi Curtis Hinds

(of blessed memory) 

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Moreh MicahYah

Ben Yehuda

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