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On August the 29th, 2020, join Zion House of Israel Temple and the World in participation of a 2-hour concert at the end of the conference filled with conscious music, dance, spoken word and drumming. 

Organized by: Moreh Micahyah & Anthony "Mighty Gabby" Carter

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Calypsonian, Folk Singer, and Cultural Ambassador

Anthony Carter (born 30 March 1948), better known as Mighty Gabby or simply Gabby, is a Barbadian calypsonian and folk singer, and a Cultural Ambassador for the island of Barbados.

Born in Emmerton, Carter was given the nickname "Gabby" as a child, and first had success as a calypsonian in 1968, when his "Heart Transplant" won him the title of Barbados Calypso Monarch. He won the title again in 1969 with "Family Planning", Rather than build on this success, he instead concentrated on acting for the next few years, joining the Barbados Theatre Workshop and composing much of the music for its play Under the Duppy Parasol, which had a successful run in New York.

He returned to music, and carnival success, in 1976, his "Licks Like Fire" giving him the first of a string of victories at Crop Over. He was awarded the 'Folk Singer of the Year' for three successive years from 1977 to 1979 for "Riots in the Land", "Bridgetown", and "Bajan Fisherman". In 1979 he won the Crop Over Road March title with "Burn Mr Harding", and went on to tour Cuba.

Gabby courted controversy in 1985 with "Cadavers", a commentary on the Barbados government's decision to allow dead bodies from the US to be stored on the island; He was sued by the government, but Prime Minister Tom Adams died before the case came to court, and the plan was subsequently shelved. He continued to produce controversial material, including "The List", which dealt with AIDS, Jack" which criticized the local tourist industry for giving preferential treatment to foreign visitors, and "Boots", an attack on the government's assistance in the US invasion of Grenada.

He won the Calypso Monarch title for a third time in 1985 with ""West Indian Politician".

In the late 1980s he began an association with singer and producer Eddy Grant, who owned the Blue Wave studio, helping to break through to a wider audience.

He won the Calypso Monarch title on four more occasions, in 1997, 1999, 2000, and 2010.

In 2004 he was named Cultural Ambassador of Barbados.

In November 2011 The Mighty Gabby was one of many Barbadian entertainers shown on the "Where in the World is Matt Lauer?" segment on NBC.

In 2012 he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Letter degree by the University of the West Indies

In 2007 Gabby was named a Nigerian chief in a service at the Sons of God Apostolic Spiritual Baptist Church in Ealing Grove, Christ Church, Barbados. Gabby, who had recently visited Nigeria, was given the name Omowale, which means "our son has returned". The service was also to coincide with the United Nations designated Black Civilization Day.

Gabby is regarded as the "foremost folk singer in Barbados".

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Pianist, composer, arranger and producer

Eddie Bullen is in every way, a standout amongst his generation of multi-talented artists. Eddie's lengthy career has yielded an abundance of awards and recognition for his outstanding talents. From his first album, 'Nocturnal Affair' to his most recent ‘Spice Island', Eddie gives his audience a taste of contemporary jazz, flavoured with Caribbean rhythms. 

Since his move to Toronto in 1980 from Grenada, Eddie has worked with Caribbean, Canadian and American artists like Melba Moore, Anslem Douglas, Byron Lee, Maestro, David Rudder, Liberty Silver, Deborah Cox and Dee Dee Bridgewater.  He is also a composer and arranger for TV, Radio and Films. His work has been heard on City TV, YTV, Love & Hip Hop (American Television Series) and Wine TV Australia.

To date Eddie Bullen has produced over 150 albums and is currently working on several new ventures through his record company Thunder Dome Sounds and publishing company QDB music. Eddie is always on the lookout for cutting edge new innovative artists.

Through his production company Thunder Dome Sounds, Eddie is fulfilling his passion for nurturing youth talent through a high school co-op program he launched in 1986. Challenges like this keep Eddie Bullen growing artistically and personally.

Touring Projects:

Eddie Bullen Band (click here to watch a video)
The Eddie Bullen Band performs, tight, smooth, energizing contemporary jazz from Eddie’s original material featured on his dozen or so albums. The Band has performed all across Canada, and in the Caribbean. (They will be touring in China in July 2017) Members include: Andrew Stewart/bass, Otis Williams/drums, Rob Christian/sax/flute, and of course featured on piano/keys, Eddie himself.

Father and Son Dueling Pianos (
(click here to watch a video)
Eddie along with his son Quincy have put together beautiful arrangements for two pianos of classical, jazz and pop music punctuated with a bit of commentary about their father & son relationship and their unique family history. This captivating and heartfelt show features the Bullen's wonderful interpretations of some best-loved music. The music is outstanding! Dueling Pianos (Father and Son) has toured Canada twice, most recently a sold out show at the Toronto Center for the Arts. …This show demonstrates how we can use music to bring families together!

Eddie Bullen.png



All Around Entertainer

Ammi The Veggieman, was born in Antigua where his career began at the age of 13 as the islands' number 1 human beat box (known then as Lenny Fresh).


His career evolved as he reclaimed his African Hebraic roots expressed in his 4 albums, 2 of which were recorded in Kenya ("Africa Is My Home" and "Truth Fire") where he currently resides. 


His energetic performance and unique lyrical delivery captivates any audience. He has lit up stages in Ghana, Antigua, Israel, Kenya and The United Kingdom.


Dedicated to strictly life enhancing messages here is a man of fire and passion.


Ammi The Veggieman




Nakita NV.JPG






A choir of the servants that praise Yah

Sounds of Sinai was birthed from the sincere passion of members of The New Covenant Congregation of Israel Tabernacle Elohim located in Charlotte, NC; an independent Sinaitic Institution that promotes righteousness by the observances of Gods precepts which are canonized in both the Old and New Testaments of the bible. Each member has dedicated their gift of praise to minister truth in song and worship to The Most High God (Yah) according to Ps 68:4, so that others may be edified.

The unique SOS sound of praise can be heard weekly throughout the world via our live internet broadcast. An overwhelmingly positive response from the spiritual internet community has prompted the group to expand and share their message in live forums throughout the nation and abroad. Songs like “The Decalogue” speak to the central theme of their first LP "Monotheism" which is Elohim's (God’s) promise of eternal life to those who serve him and keep his commandments, while others like “New Gift” with its soothing flute arrangement causes one to reflect on the wonders and joy of our daily gift of life given by the Grace of the Almighty.



Zakious aka Mr Cooper is a talented reggae singer/songwriter with a consummate sense of grace and style.  His unique way of singing reflects his rich culture, which he makes evident with originality, poise and elegance.  Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Mr Cooper, commonly referred to as ‘The Smooth Ruler’ got his first break in 1988, when he performed at Jamaica's prestigious ‘Tastee Talent’ contest, and was awarded “The Most Talented Performer.”


Throughout his musical endeavors, Zakious has matured into an accomplished vocalist, songwriter and producer.  He has earned several notches on his belt by working with some of Jamaica’s most notable artists, such as Maxi Priest, Buju Banton and Sanchez, just to name a few.  Zakious's cutting-edge lyrics and infectious story-telling songs have always kept his fans happy and his career thriving while touring all across North America and the Caribbean.


As the former lead singer for the Toronto-based, ‘High Energy Band’, Zakious’s debut album, entitled ‘High Energy Raw’, was released in 1999.  In 2001, Zakious released his second album entitled ‘Versatile’, under his own record label.  In that same year, he was awarded ‘Top Male Reggae Artist’ at the Canadian Reggae Music Awards for his highly favoured track, ‘Her Eyes On Me’.   Further along his music journey, Zakious was nominated for a Juno Award for Top Male Reggae Artist in 2003.


In 2008, Zakious released his smash hit, ‘Old Fashion Love’.  It enjoyed high rotation at several radio stations across the country.  A remix version of ‘Old Fashion Love’ has incorporated Canada’s reggae sensation, Tasha T and was also released in the Summer of 2009.  In 2010, Zakious went on tour with Frankie Paul and Admiral Tibbet in Barbados.  Then in 2012, he went back on tour with Marcia Griffiths, Freddie McGregor and Luciano in Newark and New Jersey.


In 2015, Zakious released 2 singles, ‘All I Have is Love’ and ‘My God is Real’.  This was released on his own label.  2018 saw the release of the compilation EP 'Word of Wisdom' featuring the single 'Warning', again on his own label.


At present, Zakious has just finished 3 new songs including his smashing new single 'Fooling Around'.


Zakious believes that music is the essence of emotions that bring people together.  He balances his career in music with his role as a dedicated father.  He hopes that his drive and ambition will serve as an example to young people, so that they can accomplish their dreams through hard work and perseverance.

Zakious Cooper.JPG



Da'ud Akeem.jpeg

Da'ud Akeem

Da'ud Akeem is a 29 year old servant of The Most High Yah. He uses the gifts that Yah gave in music to give honor to his Elohim and direct His people back to the ancient path.


He grew up going to church with his mother and listening to his father DJ hip hop music at night.


He left the religion but kept the relationship that led him to find out his national heritage and the responsibilities that comes with it. He has been called a revolutionary and his vision is to be apart of the revitalization of the Israelite paradigm.


He is also a Moreh at "Remnant of Hope" in Newport News Virginia and owns a cultural private school in Norfolk, VA with his beautiful wife of 5 years, Chayilyah Segulah.




Emerging Artiste


Sukanya Patterson, age 21 was born in Paterson New Jersey, but was raised in Newport New Virginia with my Emah ("mother" in Hebrew) and her Ish, my older and younger sisters (23&12 respectively) and younger brother (9).


Now this is where it all began.


As a young child Sukanya developed this enticing feeling for music while singing in her Grand-mothers' church choir and dancing for hours having her eardrums blasted from the bass of her grandfathers' surround sound system every other weekend.

Since then ELOHIM has given her a ruach ("spirit") to express herself musically in ways not to be compared. From dwelling in numerous instrumental and chorale ensembles all the way to theatre and design, Sukanya's drive for singing and performing has been consistent even when she was told “you’re not good enough,” or “Shut up.”


Moreover, before her spiritual transition she

yearned to be on pretty much every performing platform seen on television yet it wasn’t until YAH Almighty taught her HIS way that she understood that her works and devotion must be given back unto HIM and to no other for HE is a jealous Power.


Lastly, aside from the music, Sukanya is an aspiring real estate developer and Holistic nutritionist using Torah to guide her in bettering not only her life but the lives of others.


HalleluYAH! KAI YAH!!


Emerging Artiste

Ariel is very excited to be a part of this event.. Her ema is Naomi, her savta is Ruhamah and her great savta is ema Tamar.  She grew up in this way of life and she is very grateful that the Most High gave her knowledge of self.


Ariel  is a 25 year old  and a full time BSN, RN (Registered Nurse). Her passion is caring for vulnerable populations i.e geriatrics and behavioral health. 


In her free time she enjoys going to karaoke and participating in various summer musicals. These productions include Hairspray, Sweet Charity and School House Rock Live! In addition, she’s performed at several private events and benefits.


Helping people feel good whether it's in health care or entertainment is her passion.


Although she has stage fright, Yah has blessed her with friends and family who are supportive and encouraging of her hobby.


Out of all of the songs she has written -  the song that she is will be performing is her ema’s favorite. She wrote it while she was in high school. 


Even though the song has its quirks- she never rewrote it because she wrote it freestyle from the heart and to the creator. 


She is eager to share this song and praise Yah with her brothers and sisters. 






Powerful Poet

Ruhamah shared her poetry at various venues that offered artists a spotlight at spoken word events. 

She was blessed to win several poetry slams at different locations like: The Nuyorican Poetry Café


The Bowery Poetry Café

Lounge 13

Sugar Shack of Harlem

Brooklyn’s Billy Holiday Restoration

Marcus Garvey The Middle Passage

Lenox Lounge

NYCT Poet Tree Club

Louder Arts Production


Ruhamah also performed at Hebrew Israelite Events:

Rafa-aynu-nah at the Black Spectrum Theatre

B'nai Adath, Kol Shairet,

Shma Yisrael and a segment in their Newspaper The Third Eye, HaNasheem Newspaper

And two years on the Virginia Prayerline


Ruhamah founded her company ItsReal Publications

During 2002-2020, ItsReal Publications published five books


A combined text; Real Life 2002-2004 1st Edition and

My How Time Flies 2004-2006, 2nd Edition

Psalms of Exaltation to The Almighty 2008

Two Chapter Text; The Tunnelvision and Spiritual Rhapsody 2006-2010 3rd Edition

Segments of Love, Lust, Conflicts and Romance 2011

Welcome to The Prayerline 2016

And a segment in HaNasheem Newspaper

Last The Weaved Web, which is in Productions


Dahweed “Truck aka

REV R.E.D.I.”  Yehudah 


Dahweed “Truck aka REV R.E.D.I.” Yehudah is a Hip-Hop artist that uses his gift from The Most High to share knowledge and upliftment to the greater Israelite or “Black” community. Dahweed has worked in the music industry for over 30 years and has worked with various artists, including Alicia Keys, KRS-One, Busta Rhymes. H.E.R. and others. His current mission is to empower our people through his songs and create an independent music and video enterprise. His artist name, "REV R.E.D.I.", is an acronym for “Revolution R.E.D.I. - Reviving Every Descendant of Israel.”


Dahweed is 3rd-generation in Law. His grandmother, Camille “M’tenah” McKay, along with Moreh Yosef and other beloved elders, began Kol’Shereit B’nai Yisrael in Bronx, NY. and were a part of B’nai Adath in Brooklyn, N.Y. He is currently a member of Sh’ma Yisrael HIC in Brooklyn, N.Y. All praises to The Most High!


B.E.T Sound and Lewi Prod./Third Tribe Ent. presents the song Dry Bones featuring Chelon Ben Shemshone, Cohane Azriel ben Lewi and Lifnaiyah Ben Cohane Azriel.


Beth Emet Tefilah Hebrews of Troy was established in 2010 and lead by Cohane Azriel ben Lewi. Cohane Azriel has known Chelon since he was a young man from Shma Yisrael, so when he moved upstate NY he was welcomed into the congregation with open arms. Lifnaiyah and Chelon both had been making music on their own for years. They decided to collaborate for the first time on this song about the state of our people. Cohane Azriel heard the song and wrote his own verse, as well, and was put on the song right away. 


This song gives you an understanding of the state of slumber the nation of Yisrael is in. The purpose of this project is to provoke thought and to awakening our people.


Wake up Jacob and Stay Up!! 




B.E.T. Sound & Lewi Prod./

Third Tribe Ent.



Elsie Andriaoelimisarisoa


My name is Elsie Andriaoelimisarisoa (you can read it andria oeli misa risoa). I'm from Madagascar, I'm living in Fianarantsoa for the moment it is on of the 6 Province of Madagascar, 400 km from the capital. I beleive in HaShem the maker of the Heavens and Earth The only one, Elohim of Abraham, Its'haq, Yaacov and Israël, and i'm following all his commandements.


I'm playing guitar since I was 12 years old and i was learning it by myself, i'm also composed songs since i was 10 years untill now and mainly now i understand that HaShem was giving this skill to proclaim all His wonderful works for the humain being.


I'm engaged and with one child.





Liberty Silver-photo.png


Liberty Silver is a multiple "Juno" and "Grammy" (collaboration) award-winning recording artist, who has a 6.5 octave vocal range. She was originally discovered on the US based TV show "Star Search" hosted by "Ed McMahon."


Liberty Silver is the first black woman to receive a Juno Award. Her "Grammy" award (collaboration) was in association with her performance on the single "Tears Are Not Enough", that raised funds for relief of the famine in Ethiopia. Collaborating alongside some of Canada’s most celebrated artists in the group called "Northern Lights", which included Gordon Lightfoot, Anne Murray, Joni Mitchell, Burton Cummings, Bryan Adams, Neil Young and others.


Liberty Silver has performed for/shared the stage with prominent and influential figures, that include; US President Barack Obama, Bob Marley (Madison Square Garden), Maya Angelou, Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu, Celine Dion, The Temptations, Oscar Peterson, Natalie Cole, Gladys Knight and former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev.


Liberty Silver has recorded original songs and performed on studio recordings that have sold millions of units worldwide, including multi-platinum dance tracks. Her recordings include songs in multiple genres ranging from; R&B, Jazz, Reggae, Pop, Soul, Rock, Country and Gospel. Liberty Silver has performed thousands of shows, including some of the most celebrated events such as; Antigua Jazz Festival, Ottawa Jazz Festival, Jamaican Air Canada Jazz Festival, Niagara Jazz Festival, TRIUS Jazz Festival, Oakville Jazz Festival, Waterloo International Jazz Festival, Barbados Jazz Festival, The Beaches Jazz Festival, Orangeville Jazz Festival, Richmond Hill Jazz Festival, Hillebrand Jazz Festival, to name a few. She also performed at the Grand Opening of the Skydome (Rogers Centre - Toronto, Canada) with Oscar Peterson and David Clayton Thomas.


Liberty Silver co-hosted the televised World Basketball Championship ceremony with TV Star Alan Thicke and co-wrote the theme song for the event. She also hosted her own TV series called Centre Stage Chronicles and co-wrote and performed the official theme songs for the 1996 Atlanta, Georgia and 2004 Athens, Greece Olympic Games.







Avishay Sisay (pronounced: see-sigh-e) was born in Gondar, a northern province of Ethiopia.  He's part of the Ethiopian Beta Israel Jewish community. He immigrated into the land of Israel with his mother and siblings finally arriving at the age of 8 years old (after spending 2 years in the Sudan) to meet other siblings who were already living in Israel. His family were already in Israel before the Ethiopian airlift began for the rest of the community.


After high school, Avishay completed his mandatory 3 years military duties in the Israeli army. Upon his military discharge he attended college and studied Sociology.


Avi loves the Ethiopian musical instrument called a Krar and he's self taught.  He also loves the Masinko, which is a one-string musical instrument and hopes to learn to play that one day.


Avi, visited Barbados and the Zion House of Israel Temple in August 2019.  Avi fell in love with the island and the people.  He loved going out in the mornings to climb the coconut tree in his parents-in-law's back garden and seeing all their fruit trees all around the garden right at his finger tips.  He also fell in love with the beautiful beaches there and would stay bathing in the Caribbean Sea all day.


Avi lives in Brooklyn, New York and is married to Monica Sisay (one of the Steering Committee Members of this Israelite Diaspora Conference) and between the two of them they have 5 children and 1 granddaughter.

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Aug20-Hebrew Diaspora Conference Concert
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