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David Comissiong was born on the 17th April 1960 in the Caribbean island of St. Vincent. 

The son of a travelling Methodist Minister of Religion, David received his primary education at Tranquility Primary School in Trinidad, before attending Harrison College and the University of the West Indies (UWI) in Barbados. 

He won a Barbados Exhibition in 1979 and the ‘Sir Fred Phillips’ academic prize at the Faculty of Law, University of the West Indies in 1981 and has been a practicing Attorney-at-Law since 1984. 

David Comissiong is a former Senator in the government of Barbados, and is currently Barbados’ Ambassador to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and to the Association of Caribbean States (ACS). 

He is also a founder-member of the Caribbean Pan-African Network (CPAN) and the Global Afrikan Congress (GAC) and was an architect and the first Director of the Barbados Government’s Commission for Pan-African Affairs (CPAA). 

He represented the Caribbean region at the 7th Pan-African Congress in Uganda (1994), played a key role in the United Nations’ World Conference Against Racism in South Africa (2001), and has represented the Diaspora on the African Union’s Economic Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC). 

Between 2012 and 2018, Mr Comissiong served as a member of Barbados’ National Task Force on Reparations. 

He is also the author of The Wide Streets of Tomorrow: Essays and Speeches  and of It’s the Healing of the Nation: The Case for Reparations .


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Rudolph R. Windsor was born in Long Branch, New Jersey.  After living in a number of Jersey communities, his family settled in Philadelphia.  There he attended Community College studying Political Science and Psychology; Gratz College majoring in Hebrew/Aramaic Studies; and Temple University specializing in Middle Eastern Studies.  Professor has four sons and a daughter.

He says of his books , "My motive in writing them, was to render the true history of the Afro-American which has been excluded from textbooks."  Professor Windsor is a strong advocate of the economic and cultural development of the Black community.  In serving the community, he has been a member and president of several organizations.  He was appointed as a delegate on behalf of Ethiopian Hebrews, to meet with Mr. Makonen, an official of the Ethiopian mission to the United Nations, in the early 1970's.

Moreover, Professor Windsor is the author of the books, From Babylon to Timbuktu, which consists of the history of the ancient Black races, including the African Hebrews; The Valley of The Dry Bones, which deals with the conditions that face Black people in America, and Judea Trembles Under Rome, the untold details of the Greek and Roman military domination of Judea/Palestine during the time of the Black Hebrews in the days of Jesus of Galilee.

In addition, Professor Windsor, over the years, has appeared on radio and TV shows, lectured at religious congregations, organizations, universities and has travelled to Europe and the Middle East.

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Remy Ilona is an Igbo attorney, and a Religious Studies scholar, at University of California, Riverside, presently.

He was at Florida International University, Miami.  He is many things to many people. He co-founded and leads Omenana Defenders and Hebrew Igbo People; two organizations which have spearheaded Igbo people’s recovery from criminal Euro-colonization.

He has devoted a greater part of his life to researching, and documenting Igbo history and culture. This is a gargantuan job, as Igbo history spans a beginning at Ur of the Chaldeans, where Abraham the premier ancestor of the Igbo, whose moniker the ‘Hebrew’ Igbos took as a national name, was born. This history pans movement to Israel, sojourn in Egypt, movement back to Israel, and movement again, to what became West Africa. And again, movement in slave-ships to the Caribbeans, the Americas, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.  Remy is author of 14 books which include the very influential The Igbos And Israel: An Inter-cultural Study of the Largest Israelite Diaspora, Hebrew Igbo Republics and An African American History-From Israel through West Africa to the Americas.

African American scholar and academic, Professor Walter Isaac, formerly of Savannah State University, Savannah, Georgia, observed in an article that Remy has uncovered what Eurocentric scholarship has myopically glossed over: profound ethnic ties linking Igbos, many African Americans, Caribbeans and European Jewry.

Igbo musician, Chi Mmadike called him the Igbo Josephus. Canadian Israeli author, Steven Mostyn described him as one of the world’s greatest living historians. American Jew, Peter Jablin called him one of the world’s foremost historians. And American novelist, Michael Drosdowich honored him for bringing to life parts of history that are overlooked, and which are yet very vital in making the complex tapestry that is humanity complete. Professor Daniel Lis believes his understanding of the Bible is profound and unique, and he’s universally acknowledged to be one of the world’s top Hebraists.

With over 50 million Igbos, and millions of African Americans, Caribbeans, Sierra Leoneans, Liberians, descending from the same ancestors, Omenana, i.e, Igbo religion, which is Israel’s earliest religion, and which Remy is without question its top expert today, is certainly a major and universal religion. And from what we see, Omenana itself has a story to tell, and it also has many responses. To be brief, it anticipated, and has I repeat, appropriate responses to all the ills we face in the world today, and these include ills like the Coronavirus pandemic, which shut down much of the world. Brought to the table, Omenana would have dominated COVID-19.

Remy’s works can be found at :

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Rabbi Nathanyah Ben Yehudah Halevi, Ha’Kohain, the Head of Mission, Bereshith Hashuvah Mission is both a Rabbi and a Priest in the Levitical Priesthood. Prior to this, he was  a visual artist, art teacher and community leader. He has a Masters in Theology, an Arts Education degree and certificates in Fine Arts,  Art History, Public Speaking, Evangelism, African History and Anthropology, and Event Programming and Organization.


Rabbi Nathanyah has served on a number of boards pertaining to spirituality, Pan-Africanism, repatriation and Ghanian national development. In November 1993, he received a Proclamation from the Westchester County (New York) Board of Legislators that 20th November 1993 be recognized as “Rabbi Kohain Nathanyah Halevi Day” in Westchester County for community service in the City of Mt. Vernon and County of Westchester.  He was also recognised as the Central Region Tourism Personality of the Year, 2004  by the Ghana Tourist Board.  Additionally, in 2008, he has been honored and enstooled as the Ebusua Panyin for the Diaspora Community in Ghana at Bono Manso, (Nkoransa) Brong Ahafo, Ghana with the name Ebusua Panyin Nana Edu Adjei. 


Rabbi Kohain  currently holds a number of leadership roles in organizations geared at the development of African people worldwide. This includes: Executive Secretary/Director of PANAFEST (Pan African Historical Theatre) Foundation; the Convener the Central Region African Ascendants Association of Ghana (CRAAAG); and the Co-Founder Bereshith Cultural Institute Inc. In these roles, he seeks to establish the truth about the history of Africa and the experience of its people, using the vehicle of the arts, culture, education and community empowerment.


As a spiritual leader, who understands the prophesy that Yah's people must return to the land of their forefathers, he has assisted hundreds of Africans across the Diaspora, in making pilgrimages to Ghana and even to repatriate. With this in mind, he has encouraged investments in tourism, agriculture and real estate in Ghana for those visiting or repatriating to Africa.  Rabbi also has his own investments as the Co-Proprietor of Mabel’s Table Restaurant and Guest House in Elmina, Ghana and the General Manager of the African American Management Company (GH) Ltd. which owns Sanaa Lodge Hotel in Cape Coast, Ghana.  No matter where his people are scattered, Rabbi Nathanyah is dedicated to their spiritual, social, educational and economic development.

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Dave Murphy is an author, researcher and speaker who began a 16 year quest for truth after witnessing 9/11 up close and finding problems with the official narrative.

After discovering some startling information about Cancer and the Medical system, Dave embarked upon eight years of extensive research and self-experimentation, culminating in his first book, "The Human Body: Owner's Workshop Manual". ( )
Dave is currently writing a book about the truth behind the Old Testament and the real people of the Most High.

In addition Dave has worked on various eco-village, off-grid and free energy projects, he also founded Awake Radio, an internet talk radio station covering topics regarding truth, health, current affairs and activism, with an audience of more than four hundred thousand listeners worldwide, and is the originator of the Event 202 worldwide activism group with over 20,000 members.

Dave currently travels around the world giving talks, workshops, television and radio interviews on a wide variety of topics, and helping people free of charge.  Find him on the web at:

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Chief Avdiel Ben Levi's (aka Zion Lexx) journey in the Hebrew Israelite community began 26 years ago at the age of 14. Three of his closest friends, who were all brothers, introduced him into this way of life. He started off at a Temple in Brooklyn, New York known as Beth Ab Shalom, a Temple with direct lineage to Rabbi Matthew’s Commandment Keepers in Harlem. At that time he chose the Hebrew name: “Avdiel Ben Levi."


From there he moved on to Temple Shma Yisrael where he became a teacher, joined the ranks of an order of young men known as the: S.O.G, an acronym for “Sons of Yah" and by the year 1997 he also became a contributing writer for Shma Israel’s news monthly newspaper entitled “The 3rd Eye News." At this time Zion Lexx was also a student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City where he later graduated and even obtained his New York State EMT Paramedic certification. After years of teaching and doing community service he went back to College, this time Tuoro College, where he studied Hebrew language and Biblical History. It was around this time that he was asked by Nasi Yashuvel to join the Hebrews in the ongoing dialogues and debates in the Conscious Community, the most famous of them being: “Kemet on Trial”, which unfortunately Zion Lexx never actually got the opportunity to speak at and thus he penned a book on it also entitled: “Ancient Kemet on Trial," which included the lecture he wished to share during that epic event.


Zion Lexx went on to publish a total of 5 more books with 3 currently pending, due to be released before Passover 2020. Zion has partnered recently with New York City’s “Metropolitan Museum of Art”, where he hosted half a dozen museum lectures to date, where he employs his knowledge of history, culture, and ancient languages to demonstrate his views and points. He offers a beginners class on Biblical Hebrew, as well as Medu Neter, also known as the hieroglyphs. His official titles held in the community he hails from in NYC is Moreh meaning teacher, and Rosh meaning Chief.

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Rabbi Baruch Yehudah is the Spiritual Leader of B’nai Adath Kol Beth Yisrael located in Brooklyn, NY.


He serves as the International Attache to Chief Rabbi Funnye.

Rabbi Yehudah has served in his post as Dean of the Israelite Academy since 1999.

He is the son of Rabbi Amasiah A. Yehudah and Ayalut Yehudah.


To assist with fundraising efforts to rebuild the B'nai Adath Kol Beth Yisrael temple tragically damaged by a fire loss on November 14th, 2017, please visit the GOFUNDME Campaign at 

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Mesfin Assefa is the author of a research-oriented historical book called “Aliyah Bet” which is about the history of the Ethiopian Beta Israelites with special emphasis on the Ethiopian Bet Abraham Jewish Community. He is also a Zionist Activist and Founder of the Ethiopian North Shewa Zionist Organization and also Lovers of Zion Association (a Judaic faith practicing organization).   Mesfin established  two new synagogues in Kechene Village in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and was an integral contributor to the establishment of Uval Zion Association and three other synagogues in the Western Wollega Region and North Tigray areas throughout Ethiopia.   


He is also member of SOSTEJ (Society for the Study of Ethiopian Jewry) and ISSAJE (International Society for the Study of African Jewry).

He is a graduate of Unity University College with a B.A in Accounting and B.A in Management, and has more than 20 years of experience working with International NGOs.


P.O. Box 58641 , Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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Rabbi Sholomo Ben Levy was born in Queens, New York, in 1964. He is the eldest son of Deborah Levy and the late Chief Rabbi Levi Ben Levy. As a rabbi and as a scholar he proudly continues the traditions of a long and distinguished line of black rabbis that extends back to the early part of twentieth century. Rabbi Sholomo Levy entered the Israelite Rabbinical Academy in 1981. He continued his rabbinic studies while pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree at Middlebury College in Vermont. Part of his rabbinic and secular studies were completed at Tel Aviv University in Israel. In 1985, he graduated from the Academy and was ordained a rabbi. The following year he received his B.A. and then immediately entered a Master’s Degree program in African-American Studies at Yale University. After graduating from Yale in 1988, Rabbi Sholomo Levy returned to New York where he was installed as the Spiritual Leader of Beth Elohim  Hebrew Congregation in Saint Albans, New York.  In 2005, Rabbi Levy received an M.Phil  degree from Columbia University in American History.

Following in his father’s foot steps, he became President of the International Israelite Board of Rabbis. He served as the editor and a frequent contributor to the  Hakol newsletter and editor of the website Throughout the 1990s, Rabbi Levy taught college courses on various aspects of American and African American History at LaGuardia Community College, at the Brooklyn campus of Long Island University, Medgar Evers College, and Middlebury College. In 1999 he married his lovely wife and soul mate Rayah. From 2002 to 2005, Rabbi Levy worked at Harvard University in the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute of the Department of Afro-American Studies as an Associate Editor of African American Lives (2004) and the African American National Biography, a ten-volume reference work.

Rabbi Levy is currently a tenured Associate Professor of History at Northampton Community College and lives with his wife and son in Pennsylvania. He commutes regularly to be with his congregation in New York, continues to teach a wide range of courses in the Israelite Academy, and by his own example strives to create rabbis who are effective, dedicated, and inspiring.

      AHTUR AMMI (aka THE VEGGIEMAN), Bio-Organic Agriculture Consultant

                Managing Director - ABI Organic Agriculture Ltd. Based in Kenya who also oversee Amiran’s organic


                   Impact Reach: Thousands of farmers in the region including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi and



                     Former Assistant to the Dept Min of Agriculture - Antigua

                     Previously worked in Israel, Ghana and Benin

                     Focus in organic agriculture is to ensure sustainability of projects from the production of the

                     highest quality produce and value added products, while ensuring environmental preservation.

          Ahtur is also known as Ammi the Veggieman - the Organic Ambassador who advocates for organic

          agriculture and ecological and health preservation through music and conferences.     



          Owner or Truth Fire Studio - Kenya

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Since 2012, for the past 8 years , Elder DOT has been Servicing The MOST HIGH YAH.  She is currently an

Elder at the Original House of Yisrael in Cincinnati, OH.


She actively assists members of the Hebrew community with a wide array of needs including mental health resource and counselling, elder advice and counselling, educational resources for parents and children and other administrative functions as needed. 

During her 20 years of experience with Ohio Hamilton County Family and Children’s Services (Welfare), she supervised staff caseworkers who managed children displaced from their families; as well as caseworkers who supported foster parents with temporary transition and biological families for permanent home replacement.

10 years of service in the Partial Hospitalization Program through Talbert House, Beech Acres, Cincinnati Public Schools and Children’s Hospital of Cincinnati. Ujima Wrap Around and Partial Hospitalization Program.

Three years with US-Ohio-Cincinnati Citizens Community on Youth - a training and employment program that put 14-18 years old adolescents to work in the community.

Six years with Cincinnati Community Action Agency (Health Manager for Head Start for children birth through 5 years of age). Supervised Nurse, 2 Mental Health professionals, Disability Professional and three staff to assist with ensuring children are healthy and parents participate in the program.

Since 2005 I have volunteered and contracted with the National Association for Mental Illness (NAMI) Ohio Parent Advocacy Connection, working with parents who find themselves trying to navigate the different services and programs they find for their children. The children have been identified with a mental health diagnosis. At this time, I provide direction to three Parent Peer Supporters who work directly with parents to model and support them in how to navigate the systems, training of parents to know their rights, the systems and what they provide and attend meetings with them.  Currently meet weekly with (due to the COVID-19) and work with the families to complete their identified goals.

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JOHN HUNTE, Agriculturalist


John Hunte has been working in Agriculture for over 30 years. He started as a worker on a livestock farm and today is in the business of farm management. After his initial experience in farming, he worked in construction and tourism. However, his love for agriculture led him back to the land and he completed his training in Farm Management from the Barbados Agriculture Society.


He is a founding member of the Bawden Environmental Park Group which focuses on sustainable rural development; working the land; and educating others about their organic farming techniques. As part of this organisation, John established the first off-grid plantation house in Barbados as a renewable energy exhibition site, in conjunction with the late Professor Oliver Headley.  In 2004, the Park received the Minister of Environment's Award and the following year was selected for funding by the European Union as a regional model for organic farming. John also assisted in founding the St. Andrews Small Farmers Association and Cottage Industry Cooperative which is a small farmers coop that occupies government farmland on three properties on the easterly side of Barbados.


Along with his female business partners, Mr. Hunte, established Cotton Inspirations and as Managing Director, he oversees the making of hand-spun products from locally grown sea island cotton. He is also a founding member and Secretary of the Organic Growers and Consumers Association, a group of Barbadian farmers who are dedicated to producing organically grown foods to internationally recognized standards. This group has received the Governor General's Award for Agriculture for their tireless work in producing healthy food options. John also co-founded the Barbados chapter of Slow Foods. In 1999, he attended the International Organic Conference in Guatemala. Since then, due to his expertise, he has travelled to other Caribbean islands as well as the U.K. educating groups about organic food production and distribution.  Mr. Hunte is qualified in Permaculture Design and is involved in a number of projects, locally and regionally,  in agriculture, including medicinal herbs and sustainable development. In recent years, he has concentrated on managing these projects and training and mentoring young farmers.

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Shona Williams is the founder of 360! For Life! a holistic health coaching service. Shona is a vegan lifestyle trainer and holistic health coach leading the way to healthier and happier lives for people wanting to achieve health and wellness from natural, non-invasive techniques and methodologies. She is the mother of two beautiful young adults both born and raised in Pennsylvania. Shona is an advocate for cancer patients and their care-givers, offering a wealth of information in her interview series 'Cancer Be Gone!" which hosts a powerful and dynamic team of medical experts, cancer survivors and holistic experts who have proven that a healthy immune system can overcome any disease. Shona has been a champion for the children providing programs that have been engaging and fun, teaching the value of good nutrition and how it relates to health and wellness. Her presentations have gained notoriety in the local papers and throughout the communities she serves in both Pottstown and Philadelphia. 


Shona hosts a vegan page on Facebook, which has about 5K followers and teaches the community about the science of food and the dynamic effects of a delicious whole food, plant-based diet. Her YouTube channel, Hebrews Return to the Land, captures the beauty of nature from Fellowship Farm in Sanatoga. There, she served for years as the Organic Garden Cultivist and Coordinator for events.


Shona is an international speaker and has a segment on The Prayer Line titled "The Health Spot" where she shares valuable information on health and wellness. She also has a health column in, and speaks at various local functions promoting gardening and sustainable solutions for a healthier, more vibrant community that is in alignment with the spirituality of Mother Earth and all that she offers.

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Chief Naphtali Ben-Dan is the Founder and Chairman of Ahm Zadik, Inc. (Pronounced Ahm Zadeek), a non-profit organization focused on community outreach and development.  He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Arts from City Tech-CUNY and a Master's Degree in Graphic Communications Management & Technology from NYU.  He is a teacher at Congregation Beit Da’ath, Chokmah Binah (DCB) in Brooklyn, NY and has worked with the under-served residents of the Brooklyn, NY community in career planning and employment. Outside of biblical studies, Chief Naphtali Ben-Dan is a consummate student and analyzer of Black History and Black Social Issues.

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Emah Naami Bat Lewi (a.k.a. Floretta O’Brien) lives to serve The Most High and His people. With a humble heart, she expresses her gratitude for all that The Most High has blessed and continues to bless her with.


She is currently a Lay Chaplain with the NYS Chaplaincy Task Force; a board member of both Bronx Comm. Bd. #6 and of Neighborhood Advisory Board #6, Bronx, NY; the High School Representative for the P.A.P.A. board of Promise Academy II Charter School in Harlem, NY; the Presiding Elder of Ha Nasheem, an Israelite Women’s Sisterhood; and a Volunteer with NY Cares.


She worked as a long-distance operator for two years for the old NY Telephone Co., 30 years as an Admin & Exec. Ass’t. for CARE, (the international development agency responsible for the famous “CARE package”) and 13 years as an Executive Ass’t. for Columbia University’s Children’s Hosp. of NY Presbyterian (now the Morgan-Stanley Children’s Hosp. of NYP).


She officially began her Israelite life with congregation Hashabah Yisrael under the leadership of the late Cohen Ha-Gadole Levi ben Yisrael (of blessed memory) and have been a member of Kol Sh’Aireit B’nai Yisrael in the Bronx, NY and the proposed merger between Hashabah Yisrael and B’nai Adath Kol Beth Israel, Brooklyn, NY.  She served as a former board member and officer, including the PR Director for the Israelite Preparatory Institute (I.P.I.) of A.F.I.C.E.D. (Assoc. For Israelite Culture, Educ. & Dev.), a Brooklyn-based community development organization, and the M.S.G. (Mothers’ Support Group) based at Beth Shalom in Brooklyn, NY.  From 1998 through 2008, she produced and distributed a free publication to the Israelite community in the United States and abroad entitled the Israelite Community Newsletter (ICN).   She has published one book of poetry, A Simple Psalter, and one pamphlet entitled The Name of God (Zaqen Publications).  She still provides information to the Israelite community on a constant basis.  She has functioned as a one-person prison ministry for several Israelite brothers, one sister, and their families for a couple of decades and she is currently negotiating a collaboration for a re-entry program for the formerly incarcerated.  She is currently the presiding elder of Ha Nasheem, an Israelite women’s sisterhood group that was formed to promote cooperation between and among the women of our community for implementing projects and programs that benefit our communities.


She holds a B.A., Summa cum laude, in International Relations from City College of N.Y. and belong to both the Golden Key and Phi Theta Kappa Honor Societies. She is listed in Who’s Who in American Junior Colleges in 1989.  She is the winner of the E.T. Mortola Employee Recognition award (CARE-1990), the Red Tent Award for Israelite Women (Benoit Tzion-2004), the Grandparent of the Year award (HCZ, 2012 & 2015), the Rabbi Matthew Mal’Akh award (2014) for service to the Israelite community, and the Chief Rabbi Matthew Community Service Award (2019).  


She is a widow who is the mother of two grown sons (one recently deceased) and grandmother to one granddaughter. All praise, honor and glory to Yahweh Elohaynu!



Daughter of the late Chief Rabbi Levy Ben Levy, Gabbai/Morah - Beth Elohim Congregation in Queens, Gabbai - PIWC Rabbi Deborah Bowen founder.


With 20 years of teaching Yoga at Fresh Meadow Spa for Women and myriads of workshops conducted in the Israelite community for PIWC, Beth Shalom Hebrew Congregation and Beth Elohim Congregation, it is a pleasure to present a Yoga Class for her own Israelite Community.  

She started teaching Yoga for Adult Continuing Education Course at Flora Park High School, Gateway High School and August Martin High School for PD and presently at her home during the pandemic.  Tamar teaches an ecliptic style of Yoga, after receiving her certification in Iyengar Style Yoga, she continued her studies in Raja Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and has been a member of the Yoga Alliance since 2006.  Yoga is well-demonstrated to reduce the physical effects of stress on the body and stress reduction on the mind.  The meditative qualities using breathing techniques as well as the set of ethical precept and observances benefits of the being mindful - gains you direct insight to your - spiritual aspects of the self.  Yoga, the Breath and Stress - Working with the breath can be a particular effective method for treating a negative response to stress.  So, get relaxed and get energized and heal your body, mind and soul with Tamar Yoga Session.

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As a Humanitarian Ms Green is a deeply committed multilingual internationalist, whose passionate work emphasizes her dedication to community. As a community advocate she is an active Board Member at the Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS), an agency whose mission provides free legal assistance to many low-income families to assist and secure the most basic necessities of life. GBLS plays a unique role in the social service delivery system and is a preferred agency to which other providers refer clients for legal assistance.

Ms Green’s responsibility as a Community Advocate is to zone in on the varied issues facing the community; such as domestic violence, homelessness, families facing destitution in need of subsistence benefits, elders and individuals with disabilities in need of critical income and medical benefits, immigrants fleeing torture and persecution needing protection and low-wage workers denied their earned wages and benefits.

Particularly committed to community development whilst deeply engaged in various international initiatives, she has exercised full leadership by initiating and forming creative projects to assist and uplift failing communities. Ms Green has earned the full respect as a direct source of power and as a selfless individual. Being able to service the masses with compassion and empathy has stabilized her position within the chosen industries. Her generosity towards the less fortunate is admirable and an act of kindness that radiates her positive energy.

Born in St. Mary, Jamaica, Ms Green started practicing the likes of writing Music at a very young age by penning songs within her school text and notebooks. It was evident that she knew of and about great music, as she studied the musical works of such artists as Elton John, Mdara Tuku, Michael Jackson, Lucky Dube, Whitney Houston, Dennis Brown and the King of Reggae Music - Bob Marley.

In June 2010, the Music & Entertainment producers witnessed the rare musical ability that Ms Green brought to their ‘musical beats’ competition, as she walked away as the first female Producer and winner of the iStandard Producer Showcase in Boston, Massachusetts. The iStandard brand is dubbed as one of the longest running most successful producers event in the world and who have had amazing judges over the years from DJ Premier, Swizz Beats, and Hi Tekto, ShaMoney XL(Co founder of G Unit) Lenny S(VP of A&R Def Jam), Riggs Morales(SR VP of A&R Shady Records) and Senator Skid (AR Manager Bad Boy Records) to name a few. The music producers quickly recognized that in male dominated industry of making musical beats that she was a diamond in the rough.

She has worked within the capacity of some of the top music and entertainment professionals such as: Modeling and Scouting for The Wilhelmina Modeling & Talent Agency, Transcontinental Records, NUSTAR TV & Film Productions, Smart Route Systems of the ABC

News Channel, The Agency Group & Clear Channel Communications and One Love International Management, just to name a few.....

As an Entrepreneur, Ms Green’s success and achievement within the sporting and entertainment industries have culminated relationships that have played a viable pivotal role in her profession over the years. Her mission is exemplary by her creation as President of Intl Starz, a professional consultative 360 Creative Management Agency (CMA) servicing Art, Athletics and Music.

Ms. Green’s experience within the entertainment and music industries have afforded her extensive knowledge and her resume boasts an impressive list of job experiences. She has maintained a strong client base, which have highlighted her experiences within the music and entertainment industries. Her professional experiences are within: Events Promotions & Production, Songwriting, Artist/Music Management, Tour Production Management, Tour Management, Road Manager, Merchandise Manager, Music & Fashion talent scout. As the Founder and CEO of Intl Starz, Ms. Green explains that her success with building the Music Management Consulting business has been attained and comprised through consultation by individual lists of business associates, record producers, organizers, promoters and institutions involved in the Music & Entertainment industries.

Her passion to assist struggling musicians to thrive in the Music and Entertainment industries led her to initiating her own Global Music News & Entertainment Report radio segment. A 30-minute music segment that rapidly skyrocketed to some 18 Internet and mainstream AM/FM radio within a 2 month span. The 30-minute Global Music News & Entertainment Report radio segment highlights quality songs by new, emerging, signed and unsigned Artists, international news, current and upcoming events. Averaging 700 - 900+ monthly submissions from a worldwide audience is just a tip of the iceberg, as various Promoters, Radio Stations and Music Executives have embraced the positive movement, as they remain in wait and look forward to the weekly productions. The Global MNE Report radio segment can be found on Apple Podcast, Spreaker, Castbox, iHeartRadio, Spotify, iTunes, Podchaser, Addict and Google Podcast.

The ability to possess an eclectic personality affords her optimal success within other areas, such as Sports. She is also the owner of her own Dare 2 Dream Track & Field club. As a former track & field athlete, Ms. Green created the Dare 2 Dream T&F Club as a project geared to giving back to her community, training and preparing athletes for their National Championships and the Olympics. As an Entrepreneur, Ms Green’s success and achievement within the sporting, music and entertainment industries have culminated relationships that have been a viable tool over the years. Her mission is exemplary by the creation of Intl Starz, a company she built for producing professional workshops and music tours and as a consultative agency servicing Art, Athletics, Music & Entertainment.

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Hebrew Families of Guyana


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Congregation Beit Da'ath, Chokmah, Binah (D.C.B.)

United States

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Congregation Beit Da'ath, Chokmah, Binah (D.C.B.)

United States

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Zion House of Israel Temple


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